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Top Tech Trends in 2020

Technological Trends

2018 is considered as the big year for discoveries, innovations and inventions in technology. For entrepreneurs, these inventions might be very beneficial or maybe a pitfall. It is essential to anticipate future trends so that you can create your company’s best budget and manufacturing plans.

Constructive Technology

Mobile Technology
  • For constructive reasons mobile apps are a build-up
  • Increased smartphones and tablets portability, enables enhanced communication and the capacity to work from anywhere
  • Integrating such applications into your daily working operations can boost up the productivity and efficiency of work
  • It can provide you real-time updates sitting in any corner of the world
  • It also give the accessibility of reporting the problem, off-site, to the manager
  • The most widely used and an emerging constructive technology
  • Assist in performing more accurate site-seeing and surveys in less than expected time
  • Provide cheaper, time-saving aerial view of the site
  • Installation of high-resolution cameras and interactive 3D information gathering makes things easier
  • Helps in generating topographical maps and taking volume measurements
  • It has the capacity to inspect the sites that are far from sight to catch
  • You can also monitor its direction and vision
Building Information Model
  • Digitally modelling what will be constructed is 3D design software
  • It generates countless metadata layers and makes them work together
  • In the UK, the use of BIM was even mandated for government building initiatives
  • Using BIM gives room for better cooperation
  • As an individual contribute, the model evolves instantly, streamlining the process and growing the effectiveness
  • By automating fault detection and giving full image of the project, BIM also enables with dilemma-solving ability in all phases of project development
Gadgets and Virtual Tech
  • BIM works with Virtual tech in collaboration to understand complex projects
  • Wearable gadgets are one of the essential constructive technological inventions for example smartwatch, smart glasses
3D Printing
  • 3D printing as a building technology can alter the supply of material
  • 3D printing materials can be printed and transferred to the worksite, ready for direct use
  • According to Green Building Council UK, approximately 15% of the products and supplied to the building sites to eradicate the landfills
  • A mass-production limitation is one of the present problems with the execution of this technology
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • The implementation of AI is widely spreading throughout the globe
  • The use of robotics to get a tedious and weary task done in less time is one of the main functions
  • By increasing safety, enhancing workflows and getting employment performed quicker and better, AI can benefit building projects.
  • It also works as the corrector when any information or piece is missing

Top Tech Trends in 2019

The top eight technological advancements that you have come across in the year 2019, as well as there are specific employments that these advancements have created. Get yourself trained for these emerging jobs to step into the new market trend.

Artificial Intelligence
  • In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (HYPERLINKED WHAT IS AI), or AI, has received a great deal of hype
  • The advancement in AI is a going-on process as it deals with the way we work, we live, we think
  • This technology emerged to mimic human intelligence, the way human thinks and work
  • AI can accomplish these duties more quickly and precisely than humans itself

Machine Learning
  • Machine learning is considered as a sub-category of AI
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and deep learning
  • This technology is now being taught in almost every technical industry

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • RPA helps in automating jobs
  • Use of software to automate business undertakings
  • Interpreting applications
  • Transaction processing
  • Dealing with data

  • Used as cryptocurrency
  • Secure the data
  • Protecting information
  • Help to increase the supply chain globally
  • Helps is protecting personal assets

Computing Power
  • Cloud computing
  • Edge computing is intended to fix some of the issues in order to by-pass cloud computing lag
  • Get information to a processing data center

Virtual Reality (VR) and Amplified Reality (AR)
  • Amplified/augmented reality (AR) enhances its environment
  • Virtual reality (VR) improves the user’s environment
  • Both are helpful in training, education, entertainment, rehabilitation and even marketing

Cyber Security
  • With technological advancement for better use, the technology has been used for other ill-purposes
  • Cybersecurity makes sure the privacy of each individual, firm, organization or government is protected
  • Defend against hackers

Internet of Things (IoT)
  • It is related to Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Enable devices, gadgets, cars, home appliances to connect and exchange data
  • Locking doors, heating water in pools, tracking fitness are some IoT examples

    • These eight emerging technologies have some promising careers within.

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