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Key Accounts Management Training

About Key Accounts

Key Account Management is one of the company's most advanced sort of tool, also known as Strategic Account Management. It plays a pivot role in building up strong relationship ties with its most valuable and unique customers.

In the world where there is pressure over enterprise expansion, trade, business and other tertiary services, there are numerous factors that may affect the relationship of the owner with the customer. Building strong relations with the clients is an essential part of the expansion of your business. Management of sales and customers allows you to grow more.

It is a task of the account manager to build strong ties with its client or a whole lot of clients in such a way that they can use the company for their business.

Account Management

The relationships with key accounts are essential as they generate eighty percent of revenue by only twenty percent of the client’s accounts, in many businesses. So the loss of just one significant account can be deadly for the company’s reputation also for a small business.

Better Resource Utilization
  • Key account management focuses on customer retention and sales resources that are usually to generate high revenues and profitability levels.
  • To achieve high profitability, the sales team takes an advisory sales approach and for better understanding of the requirements of the customer
  • The Account manager develops detailed knowledge to minimize the risk factor and improve their business performances
  • It will eventually make the customer rely on the supplier which will help in the retention of customers
  • Building a secure connection with the customers.

Advanced Opportunities for Growth
  • Superior growth, profitability and customer loyalty are achieved by companies that adopt key account management tool.
  • Key account management can help the companies to not only build ties with customers but also nurtures the stable revenue growth because the clients prefer to place long term settlements rather than ad-hoc buying
  • However, it happens that all the customers are not profitable; the consultancy of account management needs to assure the key accounts.
  • The profitability of key accounts need to be reviewed every now and then by the account managers

Stronger Account Control
  • The primary role of key account management is to build strong ties with customer-wide relationships, especially at the seniority level.
  • By presenting that the key accounts are benefitted strategically, companies can surely build robust ties with clients with a reduced level of threats and risks

Increased Level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Key account mangers emphasize organizational resources to assure that the key accounts are fulfilled with all the aspects of services they receive
  • Key account management works well when it collaborates with all the departments to deal with key accounts
  • By collaborating and managing internal resources, the key accounts manager will get to know that how is the organization fulfilling the essential and satisfactory aspects of the customer including payments, agreements, order fulfilment, inquiry responses and after-sale service provision.

Key Account Management Training

The process of seeing after large and critical accounts which are beneficial for the company itself is known as Key Account Management. It is not only about dealing with large accounts but to focus on customers who play a vital role in organizational development.

The key account management training assists you in making a detailed report that will help the organization to make crucial decisions.

Practical Training In Accounting is one of the top lead accounts training providers in the UK. They help you in every possible way to train you well and to get your dream job in the field of accounting.

We are offering specific management account courses that will surely help you to gain the desired qualification.

  1. Management Accounts Training Course
  2. Accounts Assistance Training
  3. Final Accounts Training

The purpose of Key account management training is to

  • To make you confident to prepare key accounts
  • Make you able to comment on financial statements
  • Budgeting and foreseeing
  • Deviation analysis
  • Risk management and risk control
  • Performance evaluation and growth evaluation
  • Forecasting business planning
  • Generating account policies
  • Integrating customer relations
  • Balance sheet Reconciliation
  • Recommend further improvements
  • Evaluate the company’s performance
  • Managing assistant accounts
  • Financial key records and documentation

Who is this Course For

  • All the keen learners of accounting are welcomed
  • Graduates with an ambiguous career path
  • Anyone who wants to switch a career to accounting
  • Candidates with overseas experience
  • No previous qualification or experience is required

Skill Gain

  • Building strongholds with clients
  • Effective Liaison
  • Proactivity
  • Reliability
  • Laying out clear plans of actions
  • Generating Future setups
  • Long-term relation builder
  • Be collaborative
  • Building trust
  • Efficient account management
  • Software learning such as XERO, Sage, VT, Iris, Forbes, MS Excel.
  • Post-training support and advice

Practical Training In Accounting – Step Up Your Game

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